ASOS #BestNightEver

creative lead / concept / UX / UI

ASOS is a global online fashion destination and the UK's largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer. It sells over 850 brands, including ASOS’ own label, and publishes daily style, celebrity and music news.

For the business, the weeks of Christmas peak trading help generate millions of pounds in sales and are an opportunity to promote customer engagement with the brand.

For 20-something girls, the festive season is a time to party, and getting ready is as important as the event itself. With countless media channels available, inspiration, advice, and discussions around fashion and beauty happen whenever and wherever she wants: on a night out, over email, a spare moment on her mobile, or whilst checking into one of her many social networks.

The ASOS Christmas campaign sought to be as integrated as she was and to tap into these moments to help make her night the #BestNightEver. It was crucial that it was relevant, authentic, innovative, and surprising to ensure ASOS was a credible part of the party preparation and maintained the 20-something girl's interest throughout the period.

Interactive shopable videos, celebrity content, fashion and beauty advice and inspiration, games, competitions, apps, and product edits, promotions, and more, were woven together by a visual language that took inspiration from the seasonal fashion trends. The consistent vocabulary made the #BestNightEver campaign recognisable across channels including the ASOS site, mobile, social channels, outdoor media, print, display ads, and various media players. It's fashion relevance resonating with the 20-something girl and contributing the the desirability of the content.

The campaign was meaningful, credible, inspiring, and visually exciting campaign. It achieved an increase in site traffic and conversion, record breaking sales, and previously unseen positive acts of engagement with brand.

Honours & Awards
Best Integrated Marketing Campaign – Revolution Awards 2013

Best Leading Edge Thinking – Marketing Society Awards for Excellence 2013

Brand Innovator of the Year – Marketing Week Engage Awards 2013

Best use of Video in a Campaign – Revolution Awards 2013

Best use of Social Media – Marketing Society Awards for Excellence 2013

Best Content Marketing Campaign – Marketing Society Awards for Excellence 2013

Client: ASOS
Year: 2012