ASOS Womenswear

creative lead / concept / UX / UI

ASOS is a global online fashion destination and the UK's largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer. It sells over 850 brands, including ASOS’ own label, and publishes daily style, celebrity and music news. The Womenswear home page is visited by millions every day.

Over the three plus years that I lead the Womenwear creative team, ASOS' offering expanded to be far more than just a shopping website. Growing to include seven localised international sites and a daily news offering. The old home page architecture was a reflection of internal team structures, a legacy of obsolete business strategies, and a Frankenstein of different back-end technologies. It was confusing for the customer and looked outdated.

The brief was to provide the 20-something customer with an easy-to-use home page that was inspiring and relevant to their needs. For the business, it needed to drive sales, maximise engagement with content, be flexible across various international territories, and promote fashion credibility.

The new design was created around the principles of simplicity and clarity. It's focus – shopping and discovery – in line with the customers primary motivations – to shop with ease and be inspired.

Links to product and articles were surfaced in bite-sized pieces, offering customers numerous opportunities for engagement and removed layers of clicks. Clear signposting provided easy-to-follow links, and was complemented by a visual language that distinguished the different types of content. The modular framework was reactive to sales and news, and allowed localisation across multiple international territories. The look and feel being contemporary while remaining neutral enough to accommodate seasonal changes in imagery, colours and graphics.

Client: ASOS
Year: 2014